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A Daydreamer's Introduction.

(photo by Hello beautiful readers, how are you today?  You've probably read or heard that phrase about a million times, huh? Well, please note that as pretentious as that blogger's greeting may sound...I truly mean it with sincerity and welcoming.  Firstly, let me start this note of introduction by actually introducing myself. My name is Janine and I'm an aspiring writer who created this blog in an effort to motivate myself to, well- actually sit down and develop my voice as writer versus simply thinking/talking about doing so.   From the top, I know what you're probably thinking. Truly groundbreaking.  The age old tale of the aspiring writer, crafting a "fresh and unique" blog that talks about their trials and tribulations of living in the big city; being young, depressed, and, hungry (both figuratively and literally) and ultimately, coming to the realization that there are literally thousands of people who carry the exact sa

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